Score Fundraising delivers high profit, high impact fundraising for sports teams, schools and non-profit groups across the country. Our mission is to achieve financial freedom for coaches and encourage student athletes to strengthen values, attitudes, and skills that will promote their personal growth as individuals.


    We employ a team approach that emphasizes positive attitude, leadership and teamwork. As a result, our program becomes less of a fundraiser and more of a team-builder with positive outcomes that reinforce learning.


    Rich Ferreira


    Rich is an 19 year veteran in the fundraising industry. He has conducted more than 4,000 fundraising campaigns and helped raise close to $10 million dollars. A former high school wrestler, Rich began his career as a financial consultant with a large financial services firm. After five years as a middle school teacher, he co-founded Score. Rich is the go-to guy on campaign implementation and holds a post-graduate degree in Education.

    Paul Willerup



    Paul is entering his 20th year in the fundraising arena. He has conducted over 4500 fundraising campaigns and helped raise close to $12 million dollars. A former high school and college quarterback, Paul started his career as a high school football coach and then entered the business world as a key sales executive for a multinational shipping and logistics firm. He oversees Score's business development and distribution channels and holds a Political Science degree.


    Jodee Harris

    Jodee oversees the daily operations and management of our multiple school and merchant relationships and is the point of contact for all group fundraising. Prior to joining Score, she spent 10 years as a client services manager for a major airline carrier and was responsible for both pre-and post-sales account management. Prior to that, she spent 10 years in restaurant management with Darden Restaurants and holds a Business Marketing degree.

    Joe David

    Joe leads the development of Score's strategic partnerships. He has 19 years of experience in accounting, compliance, fundraising, IPO’s, divestitures, and M&A in both startup and multinational company environments. Joe spent 8 years in public accounting at Deloitte and KPMG and has been Internal Audit Director at Verisign and Financial Services Partner at both Krone David and Personic Solutions. Joe holds an Accounting degree.

    Exceptional design + Obvious value = Greater success

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    Premium Key Tag Card

    WHO: Sports teams, schools, bands, non-profit organizations
    RESULTS: $5,000 - $50,000 in one week

    Packed full of value to make your supporters happy, our Premium Key Tag Card is a custom solution featuring unlimited discounts at twenty-five of the most popular local merchants within your community. The Premium Key Tag Card is customizable with your group’s name, logo, mascot and colors and is an excellent solution for teams, bands, schools and youth sports programs.
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    Premium Ticket Package

    WHO: Sports teams, schools, bands, non-profit organizations

    RESULTS: $5,000 - $50,000 in one week

    A play on season tickets to a pro sporting event, the Ticket Package is a custom solution designed to differentiate yourself from the competition and places emphasis on promoting your group and building goodwill within the community. It features 48 offers from the most popular and useful dining and service establishments in your community. The Ticket Package is customizable with your group's name, logo, mascot and colors and is best suited for motivated teams, schools and youth sports.
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    MVP Card

    WHO: Sports teams, schools, bands, non-profit organizations

    RESULTS: $3,000 - $20,000 in 10 days

    Designed to show obvious value to your supporters and make donations easy, the MVP Card features exclusive multi-use promos from select merchants within your community. The MVP Card is an excellent solution to differentiate yourself from other groups within your community and is suitable for any size group, team or school.
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    Score Sponsorship Campaign

    WHO: Sports teams, schools, non-profit organizations

    RESULTS: $3,000 - $50,000 over 6 week period

    Average $250 per participant with our online marketing campaign. Powered by one of the most powerful and robust online platforms available. Reach out beyond your local community to willing sponsors utilizing a strategic sponsorship email and social media campaign. By leveraging opportunities through email and social networking you are able to maximize online sponsorships and giving. Funds are directly deposited into your team or school account. 24/7 real-time access.
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    Handmade Artisan Caramel Corn

    WHO: Sports teams, schools, bands, non-profit organizations

    RESULTS: $2,000 - $40,000 in 10 days

    Let's face it, if you're going to offer treats to your supporters, it had better be something that 1) not everyone in your community is offering and 2) something people will absolutely rave about. The answer is our award-winning Handmade Artisan Caramel Corn. With six, "I can't get enough of it" flavors for your supporters to choose from, our popcorn is a smart choice. Made fresh daily and offered in the largest, most generous container size in the industry. We handle all aspects of the fundraiser; materials, kick-off, collection of funds, detailed accounting, delivery and sorting of the orders by student/group member.

    "I think this is our team’s 19th year working you. You help us exceed our yearly expectations of attempting to raise $25,000 and you do it all in one night. You also became a fixture with the players in our program because of the great interest you took in our kids. You are a valuable asset to our success over the years. We really enjoy working with you." - Moraga, CA



    "We used to do our own card. It was good the first year but continued to decrease over a three year period. In the 16 years we have worked with you, I believe we have improved every year. $8200 with 40 kids. I recommend you and your program to every Coach I speak with." - Brentwood, CA



    "Score does an outstanding job! There’s no one better. They go over and above what I expect from them every year. Last year we raised over $18,000." - Dublin, CA



    "The difference is the assistance we receive when running your program. I can't tell you how many times I will forget to execute a specific aspect of the program but you are always right there to help us stay on task. It's a weight off of my shoulders to know I can count on nearly half of my budget running your program." - Santa Clara, CA



    "We were previously with one of your competitors. They took short cuts on building the card and it showed; very poor deals and the rep was annoying. Had we known there were professionals like yourself so close to home, we would have been with you long ago. I still can't get over how much money we made. Thank you!! - Santa Rosa, CA



    "Great service. Great product. Great results. $8,800 last year with 36 student athletes." - Fairfield, CA



    "If you want it done right, call Rich at Score. $9,900 last year with a roster of 41 athletes." - Napa, CA



    "You guys make it possible and easy for us. You are very honest and upbeat and a firm believer in all we do. You take an interest in our players and program." - Brentwood, CA



    "Our program came to Score through a referral. We were $10,000 in the red because of the previous staff. We ran two fundraisers with Score and ended up $12,500 in the black. We were extremely satisfied with the results." - Los Angeles, CA



    "You guys have been an absolute blessing for every program I’ve coached. Over the past 19 years, there have been many options for us but as long as Paul, Rich and Score Fundraising keep providing the hands on service and fantastic results we have no intention of going anywhere else." - San Jose, CA


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